The Process

01 Feasibility

The process begins with an initial consultation where your design is discussed. During this, we will develop your brief together and establish several key elements such as the aesthetics, time and budget constraints.

Process Sketch 02.png

02 Design


We will use the brief to prepare a design and develop a proposal. Design is an iterative process, so on every project there are tweaks and revisions to ensure that the design meets your brief. We can communicate our design through several different media and tailor the design process experience to you.

03 Planning


Once a design is agreed, we can then develop our documentation suitable for a Planning Application to the Local Authority. There are several different routes in the planning process that are dependent on what the project is and we will guide you through this.

04 Developed Design


This stage is about coordinating the design with other disciplines, including but not limited to; structure, mechanical, electrical, cost and any site matters. 


We will prepare a fully coordinated drawing package and submit this to the Local Authority or private company for Building Regulations Approval. The proposal is checked in accordance with statutory standards such as Fire Regulations or Access in the building to ensure compliance with current safety regulations. 


At this stage, Clients with smaller scale projects, such as an extension, can use this drawing package to obtain pricing from Contractors.

220 Proposed Elevations.png
140 Technical Section  (1).png
The Process-Detail.png

05 Detail Design


This stage is when we get into the detail of the finishes for your project. 


We will invite Contractors to Tender for your project at this stage and once you have appointed a Contractor, we will work with them through the logistics of the design.


06 On Site Construction


Once the project is on site, we can set up regular site visits to monitor the quality of the build and we are able to provide Contract Administration services if necessary.